Ham Radio HF Antenna Mount Install: Jeep Cherokee KL 2016

Ham Radio HF antenna mount to install on Jeep Cherokee KL 4×4 with AD1 platform.

It is very challenging to find a place for installing the HF antenna in Jeep Cherokee.  I wanted to choose the location for the HF mount that must be attached to the body of the vehicle and provide strength to hold the HF antenna.  We came up with a plan to put up an antenna mount at recover tow hook spot. I had great help from John VE7CUU to make up a custom bracket and install HF Antenna mount.

Step One: make a custom bracket and get a bolt of appropriate thread and size. We found a thread road that fit perfectly in the recovery hook and got L bracket cut it to the desired length.

Step Two: Drill two holes in the bracket. One hole to mount antenna base spring, and another hole to install into recovery tow hook. Once holes are drilled paint the bracket.

Step Three: cut the Thread rod to appropriate length.

Next Step: Pinch the bracket between two Nuts to hold it securely in place

Step Five: Complete the assemble and route the coax.


Using 80 meter Hustler Resonator Mobile antenna with Hustler MO-2 Mast (Check out my other post to make Hustler MO-2 Mast at home)


In the above photograph, I am using 80 M Hustler Resonator with a Ham radio HF antenna mount. This setup has worked well for me in both digital and voice HF communications. Using FT8, my signal was being heard in Japan, across the USA, and the Caribbean. I have made QRP voice contact across Canada and the USA with this setup using 15M Hustler Resonator with a longer whip tuned to 20M band.

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  1. KF0OFJ Matt

    Thanks bro. This is exactly what I was wanting to do to my old SRX. Wish it didn’t block the rear hatch. Think it could support an arm going about 30-40cm to the left to clear the path?

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