Kenwood Tk-706D Programming

Kenwood Tk-706D is a two channel VHF Radio with 25 watts power output.

Programming cable required – KPG-4 (Read my other post about homebrew KPG-4)

Software required for programming – KPG-6D Radio Programming Software            Version 1.330                                                                                                                    Release 10/1/1993

Operating system required – DOS – Running on Windows 98 or FreeDOS with USB bootload

I tried using Dosbox, but it did not work for me. I had to find an old computer with Windows 98. If you are unable to find an old computer, please use FreeDOS with a USB bootload. FreeDOS will work as I had success with it as well.

In order to program the radio, follow the Kenwood Tk-706D Programming instructions below:

F2: Model type select – Full (16 CH) or Basic (2 CH)

F4 : Input the frequencies to be programmed.

If Programming Kenwood Tk-706D (2 Channel) make sure to change Model Type from FULL featured 16 CH to BASIC featured 2 CH.

F2: To read the radio data. To access already programmed frequencies

F3: To Write new frequencies into radio. (Saved information during F4: CHANNEL INFORMATION)

F4: To load data from previously saved data file in disk.

F5: To save a new data file to disk.





    Hola! soy Ricardo. Estoy buscando armar una interfase para mi Kenwood TK-730H y me interesó tu blog. Pero no puedo ver las fotografías!. (esquemas, elementos, etc.) Espero tus comentarios.

    Saludos cordiales!

    Ricardo LW9ETR.

    1. gursimran

      Hi Ricardo, thanks for visiting my blog and for informing me about missing photographs. I have solved the problem. I hope the information is useful in your programming.


      Hola Ricardo, gracias por visitar mi blog y por informarme sobre fotografías faltantes. He resuelto el problema. Espero que la información sea útil en su programación.


  2. Dave Marshall

    Hi, I have recently successfully programmed a TK-806D which is the UHF version of the same rig.
    A member of our club has been given 4 radios, so I have set them to 432.5MHz. However the radio lacks sensitivity on the receive. Have you ever seen a manual for the UHF TX-806D. I cant find anything on the web. I’m thinking the tuning may be out of band, but have no idea what range the radio is designed to span?
    Any ideas?

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