Ham Radio VHF & UHF Antenna Install

I wanted to install VHF & UHF dual-band antenna at the fender of Jeep Cherokee KL. The vehicle specific fender mount for NMO is not available for the Jeep Cherokee KL platform. Finally, I had to try out vehicle specific mounts from various vehicles. I found GMC Pick up truck fender mount to be a close fit.

For cable assembly, I ordered Comet Deluxe mobile lip mount cable assembly – NMO style antenna mount (CK-3NMO). The first 12″ of coax is mini RG-188 type allowing easy entry through the fender (There is limited space for RG58 coax cable and impedance mismatch due to the coax being crimped or damaged may occur).

To install the VHF & UHF antenna on to the Fender Mount, open factory bolt that holds the fender. The antenna mount will require some adjustments to get a perfect fit.

The next step is to insert the mount and tighten the bolt. Route the NMO cable assemble using adhesive ties and through the firewall. For how to get through the firewall in Jeep Cherokee KL, please visit my other post about Ham Radio Install

The half wave Comet SSB 5 dual band 145/446 MHz antenna works best with the current setup on my Jeep Cherokee. It still provides enough clearance to enter parkades that have 6’8″ ceiling without hitting the antenna. Another advantage of SSB 5 is the ability to quickly tilt when entering low ceiling areas.

Gain & Wave of Comet SSB 5:
146MHz 3.0dBi 1⁄2 wave
446MHz 5.5dBi 5⁄8 wave
VSWR: 1.5:1 or less
Max Power: 120W FM
Length: 38″


  1. Richard Kimball

    Like the install very much.
    Would you have the item # for the Comet hood mounts? There are several available for GMC trucks.
    Thanks so much.

    1. gursimran

      Hello Richard, thanks for the visiting my blog and appreciating the post. I don’t remember the exact item# for the mount. I visited a store and tried a few different options and picked one that had appropriate fit. 73, Gursimran

  2. drbnc

    Late response, but lots of good info in your posts. The mount appears to be an Opek AM-413, “2014-2019 – GMC Chevy – No Hole Antenna Mounting Bracket – OPEK AM-413”. Going to try on my 2015 KL Trailhawk.

  3. Kevin

    I am thinking of doing something similar to my Cherokee. I don’t have any stores near me to check these out has anyone else had any luck finding the part number that was used for the antenna fender mount? Also, any pros/cons of this antenna setup?

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